PM distributes more than 51,000 appointment letters under Rozgar Mela

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New Delhi (28/08/2023): Prime Minister Narendra Modi today distributed more than 51,000 appointment letters to newly inducted recruits via video conferencing. The Rozgar Mela was held at 45 locations across the country.  Through this Rozgar Mela event, Ministry of Home Affairs is recruiting personnel in various central armed police forces (CAPFs) such as Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Border Security Force (BSF), Shashtra Seema Bal (SSB), Assam Rifles, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and Narcotics control Bureau (NCB) as well as Delhi Police.  The new recruits, selected from across the country, will be joining the various positions such as Constable (General Duty), Sub-Inspector (General Duty) and Non–General Duty Cadre Posts in various organisations under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Addressing on the occasion, the Prime Minister congratulated the new appointees for their selection as ‘Amrit Rakshak’ during the Amrit Kaal. He Called them ‘Amrit Rakshak’ as the new appointees will not only serve the country but will also protect the country and the countrymen. “You are ‘Amrit Rakshak’ of this ‘Amrit Kaal’”, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister underlined that this edition of Rozgar Mela is taking place at a time when the nation is filled with pride and confidence. He said that Chandrayaan 3 and the Pragyan Rover are constantly transmitting the latest images of the Moon. In this prestigious moment, the Prime Minister said that the new recruits are beginning the most important journey of their lifetime and conveyed his best wishes to all the new appointees and their families.

The Prime Minister emphasized the responsibility that comes with the selection in Defence or security and police forces and said that the Government has been very serious about the needs of the forces. He mentioned major changes in the recruitment of paramilitary forces. Process of recruitment got speeded up from application to final selection, examinations are being conducted in 13 local languages in places of English or Hindi as was the case earlier. He mentioned recruitment of hundreds of tribal youth in Naxal affected areas of Chhattisgarh by relaxing norms. He also informed about the special quota for the youth from the border area and extremism affected areas.

Highlighting the responsibilities of the new recruits in ensuring the development of the nation, the Prime Minister said that a secure environment by the rule of law expedites the pace of development. Giving the example of Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister mentioned that the state once lagged behind in development and was also one of the leading states in terms of crime. He further added that with the introduction of rule of law in Uttar  Pradesh, the state is now able to scale new heights of development and a new society free from fear is being established. “Such an arrangement of law and order reaffirms the belief in the people”, he added. He noted that the investments in the state is on the rise with a decline in crime rate and also pointed out that those states that have a high crime rate are witnessing very low investment and all employment opportunities come to a standstill.

Noting India’s status as the fastest growing economy, PM Modi reiterated that India will reach among the top three economies of the world during this decade. “Modi gives such guarantees with utmost responsibility”, The Prime Minister said. Continuing with the impact of the growing economy on the common citizen, the Prime Minister said that it is important that every sector grows to ensure the growth of the economy. He talked about the role of the Pharma industry during the pandemic. Today, India’s pharma industry is worth about 4 lakh crore rupees and it is estimated that by 2030 the industry will be worth approximately 10 lakh crore rupees. This growth, the Prime Minister said, means that the pharma industry will need more youth in the coming years creating many opportunities for employment.

Throwing light on the expansion of the automobile and the auto components industry, the Prime Minister informed that both the industries are worth more than 12 lakh crores and it is expected to grow further in the years to come. He underlined that many more youth will be required by the automobile industry to maintain this growth rate, thereby creating employment opportunities in the nation. He also touched upon the food processing industry which was worth approx 26 lakh crores last year and stated that it is bound to rise to 35 lakh crores in the next three and a half years. “With expansion comes increased employment opportunities”, he added.

Referring to the infrastructure development, the Prime Minister informed that in the last nine years the central government has spent more than 30 lakh crore on infrastructure. This is giving a push to connectivity as well as tourism and hospitality, creating new jobs.

The Prime Minister said that by 2030 the tourism sector will contribute more than 20 lakh crore to the economy creating an estimated 13-14 crore jobs. These are not just numbers, he explained, these developments will impact the lives of common citizens by creating jobs, ease of living and increasing income.

“A new era of transformation can be witnessed owing to the efforts of the government in the last 9 years”, the Prime Minister remarked. He informed that India making record exports last year is a sign of the increased demand for Indian made goods in the global market. As a result, Modi said that production has gone up, employment has increased and thereby the income of the family has seen a rise. He mentioned that India has become the second largest mobile manufacturing nation in the world and the demand for mobile phones in India has also shot up. He credited the efforts of the government for the manifold increase in mobile manufacturing. Modi mentioned that the country is now focusing on other electronic gadgets as well and expressed confidence that India will replicate the success of the mobile manufacturing sector in the IT and hardware manufacturing sector. “The day is not far when Made in India laptops and personal computers will make us proud”, the Prime Minister added. Referring to the mantra of ‘Vocal for Local’. the Prime Minister said that the  government is giving emphasis to procuring  Indian made laptops and computers, and as a result, production and employment has gone up. He reiterated the responsibility enshrined upon the shoulders of the new recruits to provide a secure environment for the economic developments taking place in the nation.

The Prime Minister recalled the launch of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna on this day 9 years ago. “This scheme has played a big role in creating employment along with economic empowerment of the villages and the poor (Gaanv aur Gareeb)”, the Prime Minister said. He informed that under the scheme, during the last 9 years, more than 50 crore bank accounts have been opened. This scheme has helped in taking the benefits to the poor and deprived directly as well as  it has helped in employment and self employmṣent of tribal, women, Dalits and other deprived segments. Many youth got jobs as banking correspondents, Bank Mitras. More than 21 lakh youth are engaged as Bank Mitras or Bank Sakhis, PM Modi informed. Jan Dhan Yojana, also reinforced Mudra Yojana, he said. He informed that more than 24 lakh crore rupees worth collateral-free loans have been disbursed so far under Mudra Yojana. Among the beneficiaries, there are 8 crore first time entrepreneurs. Under PM Svanidhi, about 45 lakh street vendors were approved collateral-free loans for the first time.  There are a great number of women, dalits, backward and tribal youth among the beneficiaries of these schemes. Jan Dhan accounts, the Prime Minister continued, have strengthened women Self Help Groups in the villages. “The role that Jan Dhan Yojana has played in accelerating social and economic change in the country is indeed a matter of study”, he added.

The Prime Minister mentioned addressing lakhs of youths in many Rozgar Melas and said that they got employment in public service or other sectors. “All of you youth are my biggest strength in the mission of bringing change in Government and Governance”, the Prime Minister remarked. Noting that the youth of today come from a generation where everything is just a click away, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of fast delivery and said that today’s generation is looking for permanent solutions to problems and not fragmented ones. He underlined that as public servants, the new recruits will have to take decisions which are beneficial for the people in the long run. “The generation you belong to is determined to achieve something. This generation does not want anyone’s favor, it just wants that no one should become an obstacle in their way”, the Prime Minister said as he underlined the importance of fulfilling the aspirations of the people as public servants. He added that will get a lot of help in maintaining law and order if they work with this understanding

Concluding the address, the Prime Minister stressed on maintaining the attitude of learning as paramilitary forces and highlighted the 600 plus courses available on the IGOT Karmayogi portal. “More than 20 lakh government employees have registered on this portal. I urge that all of you must also join this portal and take advantage of it”, the Prime Minister said. In the end, the Prime Minister stressed the need for physical fitness and inclusion of yoga as a daily practice in the life of the new recruits.


Strengthening of CAPFs as well as Delhi Police will help these forces to play their multidimensional role more effectively like aiding in internal security, counter terrorism, combating insurgency, anti-left-wing extremism and protecting the borders of the nation.

The Rozgar Mela is a step towards fulfilment of the commitment of the Prime Minister to accord highest priority to employment generation. The Rozgar Mela is expected to act as a catalyst in further employment generation and provide meaningful opportunities to the youth for their empowerment and participation in national development.

The newly inducted appointees are also getting an opportunity to train themselves through Karmayogi Prarambh, an online module on iGOT Karmayogi portal, where more than 673 e-learning courses have been made available for ‘anywhere any device’ learning format.

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