PM inspects the Shivpur-Phulwaria-Lahartara Marg in Kashi

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Kashi (23/02/2024): On his arrival to Varanasi after a long and packed day in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to inspect the Shivpur- Phulwaria- Lahartara marg at around 11 pm on Thursday.

It was inaugurated recently. It is of great help to around 5 lakh people living around the southern part, BHU, BLW, etc. who want to go towards the airport, Lucknow, Azamgarh and Ghazipur.

It is built at a cost of Rs 360 crore. It is helping reduce traffic congestion. It is reducing distance of travel from BHU towards airport from 75 minutes to 45 minutes. Similarly it is reducing distance from Lahartara to Kachahri from 30 mins to 15 mins.

This project saw inter-ministerial coordination including from Railways and Defence to enhance ease of living for citizens of Varanasi.

The Prime Minister posted on X :

“Upon landing in Kashi, inspected the Shivpur-Phulwaria-Lahartara Marg. This project was inaugurated recently and has been greatly helpful to people in the southern part of the city.”

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