PM Modi counters Rahul on ‘Shakti’, says ‘I am a devotee of Bharat Mata’

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New Delhi, March 18 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing a public rally in Telangana on Monday countered Rahul Gandhi’s controversial remarks on ‘Shakti’ and said that he will fight tooth and nail against any Opposition’s conspiracy and design against it.

Notably, Rahul Gandhi during a major display of Opposition might at Mumbai’s Shivaji Park on Sunday, stirred a controversy with his objectionable remarks against Shakti, a pious and revered figure in Hinduism.

Hitting out at the Congress leader, PM Modi said, “Their fight is against Shakti but for me, every mother and daughter is a representation of Shakti” while taking a pledge to ‘fight for it till the last breadth’.

Describing himself as a ‘true devotee of Bharat Mata’, PM Modi further said, “I will lay down my life for the protection of each form of Shakti.”

Rahul’s remarks triggered a major row and also drew harsh remarks from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as the latter accused him of promoting misogynistic views. The BJP slammed him and also the INDIA alliance for their hatred against Hinduism and Hindu beliefs.

Slamming Rahul for his statement on “fighting against shakti,” a BJP spokesperson said: “Not just him, a series of INDIA alliance members have described Hindu Dharma as fraud. Congress is known for Hindu hatred. It denied the existence of Lord Ram and now making derogatory statements against Shakti.

Rahul, after concluding his 66-day long Nyay Yatra in Maharashtra, said on Sunday, “In Hinduism, there is a term called ‘Shakti’. We are fighting against that Shakti.”

Rahul also trained guns on the Modi government and accused it of using state machinery like ED, CBI and IT to suppress the voice of the Opposition.



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