PM Modi encourages reimagination in governance, takes jibe at opinion-makers

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Delhi (India), February 18, 2023: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a jibe on opinion leaders while delivering a speech at the ET Global Business Summit 2023. He said that “Most of the opinion-makers seem to be busy launching, relaunching, and re-relaunching the same product every six months and that there is no reimagination in this process.”

He then went on to discuss how the government has worked to reimagine India since 2014 when it was plagued by policy paralysis and scams worth thousands of crores.

In the last 7 years, the government has transferred ₹28 lakh crore in various welfare schemes.

PM Modi then compared this to the situation four decades ago when then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi said that when the government released 1 rupee from Delhi only 15 paise reached the beneficiary.

He said that ” If the same situation were to be applied today, 85% of the money would be siphoned off and only 4 lakh crore would have reached the beneficiary.”

He also noted that Jawaharlal Nehru had commented that India would achieve a milestone when every Indian had access to a toilet. “He said that this showed that Nehru was aware of the problem but that there was no eagerness to find a solution.”

PM Modi concluded his speech by encouraging everyone to reimagine and recreate every element of governance in order to ensure that the country can progress.

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