PM Modi’s great efforts are well known throughout the world: Shantonu Sen, ex JD CBI @narendramodi


Shantonu Sen, had a long stint as OSD to LG Delhi in handling Delhi police. He is patron of Greater NOIDA Sharda Sanskritik Samiti and as an advisor. He had launched in 2006, out of which concept of was born.

He shared his some valuable thoughts with news.tennews. in, during a candid interview.
TN: Sir, Can you tell our viewers about your biggest achievement so far?
SS: There is no specific achievement, every work of mine is my achievement. I have never considered anything or any effort as a so called achievement. Every part of my job is my accomplishment so far and I am still contributing to society.

TN: What are the biggest challenges you have faced in accomplishing these kinds of achievements?
SS: There are many, I can’t recall many of them. However, I survived them with my prudence and my dedication. My efforts were so positive and strapping to face any kind of challenge for a long term perspective. I have always followed some kinds of rules.

TN: What’s your success Mantra?
SS: My success Mantra is be alert and watchful, to achieve any type of goal. I have never postponed any decision in my whole career, to deliver for the cause. I have always believed in be thoughtful and attentive.

TN: Who is your role model in your life?
SS: My role model has always been my institutional and school teachers, whom I have acclaimed a lot, to pursue my target in a decent way. I would further say, my school teachers were the greatest role model for me and taught me a lot of positive things.

TN: What kind of music, do you listen to?
SS: Frankly, I like Rabindra Sangeet apart from that Hemant Kumar, Md. Rafi and many others. Especially I like old Hindi Music and even Bhajans and Aartis. It depends on the mood.

TN: Whats your thoughts about PM Modi’s performance so far?
SS: I would say, PM Modi has tried to deliver something special and unique for the nation. His great efforts and hard work is well throughout the world. His commitment of achieving development should be praised with big applause and gesture.



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