Pocket FM’s Sci-Fi Audio Series “The New Avatar” Reigns Supreme: Surpasses 150 Million Plays!

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March 15, 2023: Blast off to new worlds and explore the depths of space with Pocket FM’s “The New Avatar,” the thrilling science fiction blockbuster audio series that has taken the entertainment space by storm. With over 150 million plays, this gripping series is leading the charge in the binge-listening trend.

Commenting on the audio series, Ashu Behl, SVP- Content and Strategy, Pocket FM, “As the world becomes increasingly digital, the growth of audio series has been nothing short of remarkable. The success of ‘The New Avatar’ is a testament to the power of storytelling and the limitless possibilities of audio as a medium. We are thrilled to have created a sci-fi universe that has captured the imaginations of millions of listeners around the world.”

The series unfolds with Prince Daksh on his quest for revenge as he battles extraterrestrial beings and navigates a world of futuristic technology. Despite being reincarnated as a weak 16-year-old boy, Daksh’s determination to avenge his own murder drives him to train relentlessly in martial arts and become a formidable fighter. Along the way, Daksh wins the hearts of many hearts who stand by him through thick and thin. As he relentlessly pursues the truth behind his death, he draws inspiration from their unwavering support and gallant spirits.

With a 4.8 rating and trending at the top on Pocket FM, “The New Avatar” has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. The thrilling adventure as reflected in the series has effectively delivered the listeners to get immersed in a world of extraterrestrial life, intergalactic conflict, and cutting-edge technology.

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