Police seize ‘car copter’ made with ‘jugaad’ in UP’s Ambedkar Nagar

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Ambedkar Nagar (Uttar Pradesh), March 19 (IANS) The dreams of two brothers to make big money with their invention — a car copter were dashed on Monday when the Ambedkar Nagar police seized the vehicle here.

The car copter was seized when the brothers took it out to get it painted.

The two said that they had converted their Maruti Wagon R into a ‘car copter’ because they planned to rent it out for weddings and make money.

The video documenting the brothers’ inniovation gained widespread traction after it was shared on X by a user.

The footage exhibits the car-turned-helicopter, complete with a tail and a rotor, parked outside a police station, surrounded by curious onlookers and law enforcement officers.

A senior police officer said that the vehicle had been seized but could not say under what provisions this action had been taken.

Meanwhile, social media flooded the comments section with praise and appreciation.

A user wrote, “We should respect innovation absolutely, innovation drives progress and pushes boundaries in every aspect of society. It is crucial to respect and encourage innovation to foster growth, solve problems, and improve the quality of life for everyone,” while another commented, “Very interesting and amazing, really much fun unbelievable.”

“This is the rejection of talent. Those who should be rewarded are being punished, IIT institutes should take cognisance,” another remarked.



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