Pratick Sehajpal: Winning reality shows opens doors; what you do next defines your path

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Mumbai, Feb 6 (IANS) Actor Pratick Sehajpal, who has been a part of shows like ‘Bigg Boss 15’, ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 12’, ‘Ace of Space’ has opened up about the world of reality shows, saying that ‘winning’ opens doors, but what you do next that defines your path in the industry.

Pratik, who is currently seen in the show ‘Jab Mila Tu’, said: “In the world of reality shows, there’s a common misconception that after winning, you’ve done everything and that winning is where it all ends. On the contrary, winning is just the beginning. It’s not the destination but the starting point of a challenging journey.”

“After the victory, you need to think higher, work harder, and do more to build and sustain your audience. Winning opens doors, but it’s what you do next that defines your path in the industry,” he shared.

The ‘Naagin 6’ actor added: “It’s about seizing opportunities, diversifying talents, and constantly connecting with your audience to ensure you don’t become a one-show wonder.”

‘Jab Mila Tu’ revolves around an unconventional journey of love and friendship of four crazy individuals, Mohsin Khan as Maddy, Eisha Singh as Aneri, Pratik Sehajpal as Jigar and Alisha Chopra as Mint in key roles.

Set against the scenic and lively backdrop of Goa, ‘Jab Mila Tu’ is about Maddy, a maverick superstar singer, and Aneri, a passionate chef, who are forced to come under one roof owing to an unforeseen situation.

What follows is a series of confusion, peppered by moments of laughter. Aneri cleverly uses social media to spin fake love stories, while Maddy, not one to be outdone, hires an actor to entangle her in a fabricated romance.

Directed by Lalit Mohan, created by Nisheeth Neelkanth and Harjeet Chhabra and produced by Two Nice Men, ‘Jab Mila Tu’ is streaming on JioCinema.



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