Pratik Gandhi: Growing rate of crimes among youth ‘huge concern’

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Mumbai, Jan 2 (IANS) Actor Pratik Gandhi, who has marked his debut as a host for the show ‘Crimes Aaj Kal 2’, has opened up on the growing rate of crimes amongst the youth, and called it a “huge concern”.

Pratik is best known for portraying Harshad Mehta in the series ‘Scam 1992’. He is also known for his work in ‘The Great Indian Murder’, ‘Modern Love Mumbai’, ‘Scoop’ among others.

The second season of crime anthology series, ‘Crimes Aaj Kal’ delves into some shocking real-life crime incidents. The show is hosted by Pratik.

He said: “The growing rate of crimes among the youth these days is a huge concern, especially with the exposure that is available on social media. The generation today constantly seeks validation on social media and the number of likes decides their mood of living. I believe social media is a very powerful tool if used wisely, or else it can also be disastrous.”

Pratik believes that the younger generation needs a lot of love and attention from their parents and loved ones.

Further adding to what was his takeaway from the crime anthology, he added: “It was quite tricky initially, as I was not playing a character, I had to be neutral and not take sides as an anchor, there were instances while narrating when I used to feel angry about the bad things that were happening in the story, but I couldn’t express it.”

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2022, cybercrime has reportedly surged by 24.4 percent, totalling 65,893 cases, a significant surge from 52,974 cases in 2021.

‘Crimes Aaj Kal S2’ is streaming on Amazon miniTV.



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