Pratik Sehajpal talks staying hungry for 24 hours for ‘Jab Mila Tu’

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Mumbai, Jan 22 (IANS) Actor Pratik Sehajpal has revealed insights about his character and the preparations to get into the character for ‘Jab Mila Tu’.

The actor said: “I picked up a Punjabi accent by exaggerating the way people in Delhi talk, especially from West Delhi. It’s now a part of my everyday life — whether I’m getting up, sitting down, or just chatting. Sometimes serious talks sound like jokes because of the accent. It adds authenticity to my characters, influenced by observations in Delhi, even from simple moments like encounters in the metro.”

Talking about the reason for playing this unique and free-spirited character, Pratik said: “This role is a departure from my previous ones –unique, free-spirited, and incredibly fun. Reading the script, I found myself eagerly anticipating certain dialogues, creating that ‘When will this come?’ excitement. It’s the kind of role that captures attention and adds a fresh, enjoyable element. I saw it as a fun and different opportunity, so I took it.”

Opening up about enjoying the challenges he faced while getting into the character, he said: “Portraying the character presented unique challenges, as I found myself deeply immersed in the role, feeling like the character even in real life. The challenges the character faced during the shoot felt real to me because I was living and behaving like that character all the time.”

“My natural accent leans towards Hindi, and incorporating a Punjabi tone, along with using Punjabi words in my daily life, was a novel experience.”

“Surprisingly, it turned out to be a lot of fun. I wouldn’t label it as a challenge; instead, it was a thoroughly enjoyable new experience. I also stopped eating carbohydrates to get as ripped as possible. I used to stay hungry for 24 hours and sometimes during my body shots as well.”



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