President Murmu inaugurates International Engineering and Technology Fair 2023

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New Delhi, February 16, 2023: The President of India, Droupadi Murmu inaugurated the International Engineering and Technology Fair (IETF) 2023 in New Delhi today.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that this year, the event is not only a celebration of India’s growth story in the engineering and manufacturing sector, but also a testimony to the nation’s collaboration with the best in the world in advanced technologies.

The President said that India has come a long way in the 48 years since the first IETF, and the engineering industry has achieved new heights during this period. Today, it is a robust, multi-level, diversified segment of India’s industry, playing a critical role in driving growth, creating jobs, and boosting exports. The policies adopted in the recent past have given fillip to an unprecedented inclusive growth. Rapid digitisation of the economy and its acceptance at the social level has unleashed a new potential which has created new pathways for high growth.

The President said that India is on a mission to expand its global engagement taking advantage of its excellent manufacturing experience, high-quality talent and cutting-edge advanced technology attainments. There are many critical areas where international collaboration in engineering and technology would bring about changes to make the world a prosperous and safer place for the posterity.

The President said that India has significant potential to engage with the international markets. Our commitment to clean energy has been driving our green growth. India has been marching ahead steadfastly to attain the net zero emission target in 2070.

Noting that IETF-2023 covers 11 areas of emerging technologies which would have profound impact on our economy and society, the President said that there is no doubt that technology is going to change the way we live. She said that we should strive to use technology for social change. Any technology that confines itself to a section of people would gradually wither away. On the other hand, the technologies that change the lives of ordinary people in a positive manner get traction. The wide acceptance of the world’s biggest digitisation drive in India is a prime example of the society readily embracing technologies that bring about positive changes in people’s lives.

The President was happy to note that there is a determined attempt in IETF-2023 to showcase feats of engineering and technologies that promote harmony between nature and science. She said that human ingenuity should be put to its best use when it is oriented to nourish the nature. She said that if the knowledge of science is combined with the pursuit of spirituality, it can do miracles.

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