In a probable first, Fortis Noida successfully treats a patient injured in heart by a metal object


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Noida :– Doctors at Fortis Hospital Noida recently performed a lifesaving surgery, wherein they surgically removed a large metallic machine fragment from the heart of a 32 year old male.
The patient and doctor today, held a press conference to inform about the same.

As per the patient Satish Kumar, he worked in a factory thay manufactured cylinders. His job entailed the use of a high speed drilling cutting machine. In an unfortunate turn of events, a large metallic fragment 4 centimetres broke from the machine and penetrated his left chest puncturing the heart.

The doctor said, “The sharp object had pierced and weakened the heart, there was a strong chance that during surgery the heart would damage. The sharp metallic object lodged itself in his left ventricle and led to extensive loss of blood and collection of blood around the heart and lungs. It however luckily, his main coronary artery by just few millimetres, because of which he survived”.

Being a resident of Secunderabad, Satish was brought to Noida after being refused from 3 other hospitals.

However after being admitted at Fortis a team lead by Dr. Vaibhav Mishra, additional Director & Head, Dept of Cardiac Vascular & Throcic Surgery, immediately performed a surgery. The critical surgery was performed on August 10 and the patient was discharged in a healthy state within 4-5 days.

There have been very very rare cases of saving a patient who has been hit in his heart by a foreign object. However Fortis Noida successfully not only performed the surgery but also ensured that the patient walked fit to home within days of the same. It indeed remains a remarkable case in Indian medical history.

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