R-Day flypast spectacle: 54 aircraft including Rafel, Sukhoi, Jaguar & Tejas roar skies

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New Delhi, Jan 26 (IANS) The most eagerly awaited part of the Republic Day Parade on Friday was ‘The Flypast’ — a breathtaking airshow by 54 aircraft and helicopters.

These included three aircraft from the French Air and Space Force, 46 from the Indian Air Force, one from the Indian Navy, and four helicopters from the Indian Army.

​Vintage as well as modern aircraft such as Light Combat Aircraft ‘Tejas’, Rafale, Su-30, Jaguar, Dakota, Dornier, C-17, C-130J as well as Light Combat Helicopter ‘Prachand’, Advanced Light Helicopters and Apaches displayed various formations, including ‘Tejas’, ‘Netra’, ‘Varuna’, ‘Vajraang’, ‘Trishul’, ‘Amrit’, ‘Prachand’, ‘Arjan’ and Tangail.

The concluding Vertical Charlie maneuver was performed by a Rafale fighter aircraft.

The 54 aircraft comprising 29 fighter aircraft, eight transport, 13 helicopters and one heritage aircraft participated in the flypast.

Rafel, Sukhoi, Jaguar, C-295, C-17, LCH Prachand helicopter and Mig-29 aircraft were the part of the flypast during the Republic Day. Four Tejas aircraft made their debut in the Republic Day Parade.

Four aircraft from the Indian Army and one from the Indian Navy also flew in two separate formations with the IAF aircraft. All these aircraft operated from six different bases.

The IAF said that participating aircraft flew in several formations. It included Dhwaj Formation, Rudra formation, Baaz Formation, Prachand Formation, Tangail Formation, Arjan Formation, Netra Formation and Varuna Formation.

Dhwaj formation comprising four Mi-17 IV helicopters were flown in an ‘Inverted Wine Glass’ formation, trooping the National Ensign, as well as those of the three services. Helicopters of the formation showered flower petals on the audience.

The ‘Rudra’ formation comprised helicopters from the Army Aviation Corps and included one LCH Prachand and three ALH WSI helicopters flown in a four aircraft ‘Diamond’ formation and Baaz Formation.

Three MiG-29 aircraft also participated in flypast in a ‘Vic’ formation, the IAF said.

According to the IAF, Prachand formation had an LCH Prachand helicopter in lead, with two Apache and ALH MK-IV aircraft together flying in a five aircraft ‘Arrow’ formation.

Tangail formation, comprising one Dakota aircraft in lead, with two Dornier aircraft in echelon, flew in ‘Vic’ formation. A C-295 aircraft flanked by two C-130 aircraft in echelon, flew as the Arjan formation.

Netra formation, comprising one AEW and C aircraft and two Su- 30 aircraft in echelon, were flown in ‘Vic’ Formation.

An Indian Navy P-81, flanked by two IAF Su-30 aircraft were flown as the ‘Varuna’ formation.

The IAF said that Bheem formation comprising a C-17 and two Su-30 aircraft in echelon (streaming fuel) did flypast in ‘Vic’ formation.

Making its debut in the Republic Day Parade, was the Tejas formation, comprising four Tejas aircraft in ‘Diamond’ formation.

Vajraang formation, comprising six Rafale aircraft, were flown in ‘Inverted wine glass’ formation.



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