Rachana Mistry: Playing Arya promises new depths for me

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Mumbai, Feb 10 (IANS) Actress Rachana Mistry has stepped into the shoes of Arya post the leap in the show ‘Dabangii- Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi’ and said this journey promises new depths for her to explore as an artist.

The show will witness a 14-year leap with Arya returning to avenge the death of Ankush and her mother, Chhaya.

Disguised as Aira and driven by an urge for justice, Arya (played by Rachana), still embodying her Dabangii spirit but with newfound maturity, seeks retribution for the murders of her Aai, Chhaya, and Baba Ankush.

Talking about playing the role of a grown-up Arya, Rachana shared: “Arya embodies the same Dabangii spirit from her childhood, yet her maturity now grants her a deeper understanding of the world. Her acts of kindness and empathy illuminate her path, prioritizing human connection over material pursuits; a reflection of all that her Baba, Ankush, has taught her.”

“Despite the deep loss she has gone through, Arya’s courage remains steadfast, fueled by a quest to face Satya, to avenge the death of her parents and his wrongdoings. The show and Arya’s character have been loved by all; embracing this role comes with great responsibility, following the benchmark set by the little dynamite Maahi Bhadra,” she said.

“This journey promises new depths for me to explore as an actor because Arya has a lot of layers to her, and I hope to do justice in this new chapter of Arya’s life.”

‘Dabangii-Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi’ airs on Sony.



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