Rafale row: ‘Are you PM of India or PM of Anil Ambani’, Congress asks Modi

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New Delhi: Congress on Wednesday Slamming BJP on Rafale Row asked PM Modi whether he is a PM of India or PM of Anil Ambani. Congress Senior Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala said, Modi Govt’s Rafale Scam gets murkier and muddier by the day. Fresh documents have again reinforced the fact that PM Modi facilitated a sweetheart deal with Dassault Aviation to enormously and illegitimately benefit a crony friend i.e Reliance Defence.

Addressing the Press conference to today, Congress leader, Surjewala said,

“PM Modi deal with Dassault Aviation strongly underlines the change of Ex French President, Mr. Francois Hollande about PM Modi securing a deal for Shri Anil Ambani. The BJP which is running helter skelter and throwing all kinds of inconsumable alibis to defend the indefensible will have to be made accountable on the Biggest Defence Scam that has hit the country.”

“Situation in BJP is such that we have a long line of leaders who want to join Congress.Rahul Gandhiji will take a call on how we accommodate them in the future,” said, Ashok Gehlot, senior Congress leader and general secretary incharge of organisation.

“Today we met Rahul Gandhi and he welcomed us in the Congress family.We are hopeful that our supporters will benefit Congress in both assembly and general elections,” said Manvendra Singh, who joined Congress today morning after quitting BJP.

“As a foot soldier of Congress henceforth I would like to take ahead the issue of corruption happening in the current government to the masses,” said Ashish Deshmukh who joined Congress today from BJP.

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