Rajasthan: 7,600 inspections at medical institutions in past 5 weeks improved health services

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Jaipur, March 5 (IANS) Over 7,600 inspections have been conducted at different medical institutions in Rajasthan from January 24 to March 3, which have improved the condition of health services, officials claimed on Tuesday.

These inspections, which have been going on for the last five weeks, have brought about positive changes in the standards of medical institutions, including testing and treatment, availability of medicines, cleanliness, condition of wards and buildings, and other services, officials said.

Following the instructions of Medical and Health Minister Gajendra Singh, the health department had issued orders to inspect all the medical institutions in the state from January 24 to March 3.

Accordingly, more than 7,600 inspections were conducted in the state during this period. According to the report prepared on the basis of online monitoring of these inspections, expected improvement has been seen in health services from the first inspection to the fourth inspection.

Additional Chief Secretary in the Health Department, Shubhra Singh, said that the level of satisfaction towards OPD and IPD services was 75 per cent at the time of the first inspection, which increased to 92 per cent at the time of the fourth inspection.

Similarly, the level of satisfaction regarding the condition of buildings of medical institutions increased from 61 per cent to 70 per cent, the level of condition of labour rooms increased from 47 per cent to 82 per cent, while the level of satisfaction regarding the condition of bedsheets in wards increased from 55 per cent to 78 per cent.

Further, in emergency services, the level of satisfaction increased from 28 per cent to 74 per cent, and the condition of honorarium to contract workers improved from 29 per cent to 74 per cent.

According to the inspection report, the Chief Minister’s Free Medicine Scheme was found to be running smoothly in 95 per cent of the medical institutions in the state, while the Chief Minister’s Free Testing Scheme was running smoothly in 91 per cent of the institutions.

Similarly, the condition of human resources in 73 per cent of the institutions and building condition in 63 per cent of the institutions were found to be satisfactory.

On the basis of these inspections, reports for every medical institution are being prepared. Wherever shortcomings in health services are coming to light, efforts are being made to improve them with immediate effect, said officials.



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