Rajasthan minister hits headlines after returning govt vehicle, PSO

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Jaipur, Feb 11 (IANS) Rajasthan’s Minister of State for Environment Sanjay Sharma is hitting the headlines after he returned the government vehicle and Personal Security Officer (PSO) provided to him.

Sharma also refused to take police escort, saying that the “public elected and sent us to the assembly, why should we be afraid? I have no fear of any kind”.

Sharma travels in his personal car to the state secretariat and the department without any fanfare. Even for field visits, the minister uses his personal car.

The minister got a government vehicle and a PSO after becoming the minister on January 17. However, he returned the vehicle to the government on February 4.

Sharma is a second-time MLA from Alwar City. In the year 2018, when he became MLA for the first time, he was among the few MLAs who did not hire a gunman for security.



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