Are you really good with holidays? 7 Signs That May Prove You Wrong.


We all love to enjoy holidays and we also think that we have the best ideas to make them wrong. Perhaps, you are absolutely right but what happens if you get it all wrong. Do you want to see those round and angry faces of your friends and family? Well, here is the cheat sheet that can save you this holiday and let you actually have fun all the way through.

Get smart with the planning

One of the things that can act as a complete disaster is the planning that is required for a long weekend. When the holiday season is upon us, everybody starts planning and that of course means over booked hotels, expensive flight tickets and too much tourist crowd, no matter where you go. To plan this period smartly, you need to make reservations that are a bit set apart. How about a home stay booking? Pick destinations that are an easy drive down, rather than spending a fortune on flights. If you still want to do it the regular way, then book well in advance.

Rent a projector

Going out for movies is a very natural thing when you have long weekends, but getting good seats and your preferred time to enjoy the movie is just a whole other thing. The smart thing to do is rent or borrow a projector. Just turn your living room into a home theatre with your preferred movie, some hot piping snacks and friends and family with zero cost. You can go on and on as long as you want and beat all the holiday hassles as well.

Add some rummy fun

Rummy is such a skillful and entertainment packed game that you can go on for hours and still have a great time. You can of course play offline rummy with your buddies, but if you really want to cash-in on the rummy card game, you have to be online. Just get the rummy game download done on your mobile you will be able to play live tournaments with real cash. This you can do, when your friends are just about to come or perhaps left for a long evening. It will make you feel all excited and enthusiastic with a game that is a must try.

Download those apps

One of the places where apps come real handy is getting us deals. Whether it is food ordering, last minute deals, road maps or even shopping, you definitely need those apps this holiday season. It is the only way to maintain your sanity and also make the most of your holiday season. Here are some apps that you definitely need to download:

  • Travel and Hotel booking apps
  • Grocery apps
  • Rummy app
  • Shopping app
  • Google maps apps

Get Crafty

You will be surprised how small pieces of craft can make a big difference in the way you enjoy your holidays. You can recycle stuff lying at home and make some remarkable holiday decorations that will not only get you in the holiday mood, but also help you save on your money.

Get Baking and Cooking

You must be thinking, when you really want to put your feet up, how is this going to help in any way? But cooking up the festive treats is always fun and can bring the family together as a whole. Whether it is a cake, cookies or a whole meal, make it special for the holidays. Of course, you will have the grocery app to help you out with all those exotic items. There are also those unique meal kits that pack everything up in the right portions and get you all started with something absolutely new. All you need to do is follow the steps and enjoy something exotic.

Act on impulse

Going just opposite than what we suggested earlier, there is a complete adrenaline rush, when you act just on impulse. Just on the last working day before your festive holidays, pick a random place for trekking, biking or just relaxing. This time of the year offers excellent weather and you have so many nature trails to pick from. Make a plan with your friends and enjoy some great moments with the nature.

So, if you are already doing most of these for your holiday planning, then you are definitely all set for the holidays. Otherwise, this would be a good time to get started right away.


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