Rocket Boys Actor Saba Azad talks of pay gaps in Bollywood

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Mumbai (India), 10th March 2023: Saba Azad is a celebrated upcoming Bollywood Actress. She will be seen next in Rocket Boys Season 2. While taking to India Today, Saba had a strong message for her fans where she discussed pay disparities and women’s safety in the country.

During her conversation she said, “It absolutely bothers me. For long, women have been seen as a means to facilitate the men in their lives. That is a universal phenomenon. That is a product of patriarchy. That has gone on for far too long. But I also think it is changing now. Women are in every field now and they are succeeding equally as the men. However, we are still fighting for equal pay, the safety of women, women’s health and so much more that haven’t even been given a thought.”

Saba, who is currently dating Hrithik Roshan, also drew attention to other problems and added, “There is dowry, trafficking, all kinds of atrocities. It is not an equal world yet and that is why we celebrate the International Women’s Day. If we had an equal world, we perhaps wouldn’t have to celebrate it for just one day. This is a reminder to the kind of work we should continue to do.”

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