Samsung to release new products globally at same time

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Seoul, April 3 (IANS) Samsung on Wednesday unveiled its latest lineup of home appliance innovations with the global launch of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered products in a bid to offer synchronising consumer experiences worldwide.

At a press conference in Seoul, the tech giant unveiled its latest ‘BESPOKE AI’ home appliance lineup, including washer-dryer combos, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, all equipped with advanced AI capabilities and seamless connectivity.

It said the corresponding events will also take place in Paris and New York later on the same day, respectively, showcasing new kitchen and living appliances for each distinct market, reports Yonhap news agency.

“We hold these media events in Paris and New York later today,” Samsung Electronics CEO and Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee said at the event. “All our products are released simultaneously across the world. It will have a bigger impact on the global market.”

Samsung said these new appliances are equipped with interactive big screens, offering accessibility in 40 languages and serving as centralised control hubs for other SmartThings-connected devices.

Furthermore, its market-tailored approach ensures that each region receives products tailored to its unique needs.

In the upcoming Paris event, the new energy-efficient, extra wide fridge-freezer and the washer lineup will be introduced as Europe requires an extra focus on sustainability and energy saving.

The US market will see the introduction of the Bespoke Slide-in Range with AI Home, a multi-functional induction range designed to meet American consumers’ diverse needs.



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