‘Scoop’ actor Prashanth Goswami recalls how Raashii welcomed him with a smile on ‘Yodha’ set

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Mumbai, March 10 (IANS) Actor Prashanth Goswami has spoken about working with Raashii Khanna in the upcoming Sidharth Malhotra-starrer ‘Yodha’. He said that every time they did a scene together in the film, she greeted him first with a smile.

Reflecting on his experience working with Raashii on the set, he said: “As I’ve been endowed with the opportunity to play a subordinate to Raashii Khanna, I was, for my majority, with her in the film. And she, even though a bellwether and a big personage, was extremely affable, patient and accommodating.”

He added: “I remember there was a sequence in the film which had just the two of us and demanded a tightly framed camera set up with a long walking sequence and a strictly timed dialogue, and I took a few takes to get the hang of it.”

The actor said that it was she who offered him to run his lines with the actress.

“So as to match our timings, and mainly make me want to see the scene and the environment on the set. Every time we came to do a scene together, it was she who greeted me first with a smile. I was honestly taken aback by her warmth,” he said.

On sharing screen space with Sidharth, he said: “As for Siddharth Sir, I had one long court room scene with him though not in any direct involvement. I found him unflinchingly devoted and impassioned for this project.”

In the film, Prashanth essays the role of a national security officer alongside Raashii.

He said: “I’m playing a national security officer named Pathak who is subordinate to Priyamvada (played by Raashii).”

“As it’s been made palpable to the audiences that the motif of the film revolves around a fortuitous and an action-doused hijack, my role is to aid Priyamvada in furnishing timely and crucial intelligence on anything even remotely relevant to the situation, assist her in mitigating any peril related to the event, and guide some junior staff to handle any extraneous matter on the same.”



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