Sensor sheet to automated platform: Features that make magenta line stations unique


21/12/2017        Saurabh Kumar


Under the phase three expansion plan of DMRC both the two stations of Noida falling on Magenta line are geared up for the inauguration done by PM Modi.

As the Botanical Garden station falls both on the Blue Line and the new Magenta Line, it will be the first interchange stations outside Delhi.  And the station on magenta line will have better facilities and security services for commuters as compared other stations.

It will take Noida commuters directly to south Delhi which will save around 45 minutes of the commuters. Commuters don’t need to go on the road as a fly over bridge will connect blue line to margent line. Platform on this line are fully automated and the doors separating the platform from the train, will open only when the trains arrive at the station. The line will also be using new trains which can be operated without drivers. However, for the initial 2-3 years, drivers will be used to operate them, and the ‘unattended train operations’ will begin only after stringent trials.

There will be space for an additional 12 passengers in the new coaches and also equipped with free wi-fi connectivity. Botanical garden will have a parking in its basement so that commuters will not have to walk long to bored metro. Station will also have a direct connectivity with metro feeder bus service. Both blue and magenta line stations are connected with a same corridor so that commuters will not have change tokens while interchanging the line.


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