Shameful: Air India Staff Ignores Woman Suffering From Panic Attack

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New Delhi, 11 May 2022: The Air India Airline staff has recently been rebuked for their insensitive behavious towards a passenger. At the New Delhi Airport, a lady suffered an heart attack after she was denied entry to board the flight.

“My aunt got anxiety which turned into a panic attack, and she fainted there on the spot. We asked for a medical emergency but instead of that a staff called security and asked them to leave us at the exit gate,” said the passenger, Vipul Bhimani.

“Please help to forward this video till it reaches to their management and action is taken against such employees. Lets show them power of common man. Heart & Diabetic Patient was seeking for medical service inspite of this they called security & forced her to go out of the airport,” Bhimani said.

“Lets make such shameless employees unemployed & think before you book Air-India flights,” he added.

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