Shark Tank Fame Aman Gupta Inspires Budding Entrepreneurs at BIMTECH


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Greater Noida, September 27, 2023 – The bustling campus of Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) came alive with intellectual fervor as New India Junction, in collaboration with Majlis and BIMTECH Media team, organized a remarkable event that left attendees inspired and enlightened. The event’s highlight was an exhilarating debate competition, held at BIMTECH’s premises.

The heart of the event was a gripping debate competition centered around the theme, “Management of the Indian Economy during the Global Pandemic.” Two teams, each comprising a boy and girl participant, passionately argued for and against the topic, showcasing their eloquence and well-articulated arguments. Lokesh Chandani and Gargi Dwivedi, representing the team advocating in favor of the topic, emerged as the winners after a riveting exchange of ideas and opinions.

Adding to the event’s charm was the presence of the esteemed founder of BOAT (Bharat Electronics Limited), Aman Gupta, who graced the occasion as the chief guest. His arrival at the seminar hall sparked excitement and anticipation among the audience.

During an interactive session, Mr. Gupta responded to questions from the moderator and audience, providing valuable insights into entrepreneurship, startups, and the Indian economy.

Gupta shared his personal journey of leaving a lucrative career as a Chartered Accountant (CA) to pursue the entrepreneurial path with BOAT. He emphasized the evolving mindset of Indian consumers, which presents a significant opportunity for startups. He noted that the “Made in India” aspect of BOAT products had transformed from 0 percent to an impressive 70 percent, with the ambitious goal of reaching 82 percent indigenization. He also highlighted India’s ascent as the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer globally.

Encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs, Gupta stressed the importance of thinking big and maintaining unwavering determination. He emphasized the need for humility, even in the face of significant achievements, and cautioned against arrogance. Gupta underlined the significance of Return on Investment (ROI) and profitability while maintaining a pragmatic outlook. He emphasized the importance of staying true to one’s vision and values as a pivotal factor for success.

In his conversation with the audience, Gupta conceded the value of adaptability in the face of failures, emphasizing that multiple failures could pave the way to a single success. He also shared insights into BOAT’s inclusive approach to employment, believing that hiring an employee in India equates to embracing them as part of a larger work family.

The event at BIMTECH, organized by New India Junction, Majlis, and the Media team, left a lasting impact on attendees, instilling a sense of entrepreneurship, determination, and a deeper understanding of India’s economic landscape. Aman Gupta’s presence and words of wisdom were a source of inspiration for the future generation of entrepreneurs who aspire to make a meaningful contribution to India’s growth story.

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