Shocking: Noida District Hospital negative swine flu report turns out to be positive in NCDC report

Talib Khan

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Noida, (7/3/23019): The rising number of patients of swine flu has led to a major negligence of the Pathology Department of the District Hospital in Noida.

The Pathology department, without getting the report of the Health Department, told a senior officer of the Noida authority to be negative in swine flu test. After 10 days the report from the health department confirmed swine flu in him. On this, the senior official has now sought clarification from CMS Dr. Ajay Agarwal on the matter.

On 9th February, the senior officer of the Noida Authority went to the district hospital for treatment of cold and cough. The doctors, after taking the sample of saliva send him home. In the hematology report, he was diagnosed as a negative patient of swine flu.

In such a situation, senior official continued to take medicines for cold and cough, but when the Health Department confirmed the swine flu report of NCDC, he was shocked.

In the report, he was declared a positive patient of swine flu. He also re-examined the report in a reputed hospital in the city for confirmation of this inquiry report, even where doctors confirmed him a patient of swine flu.

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