Sooner Driving license status can be checked online in Noida

Saurabh Kumar

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Greater Noida (14/4/2019) : Soon, the residents of Noida will be able to check the status of their driving licence application online. Noida’s transport department is planning to introduce a tracking system for the pending applications in the next two months.

An official from Noida’s transport department said that residents who have applied for a license, especially those for the issuance of a lost driving license or a fresh one, won’t be required to visit the office for the purpose of only checking the status of their application. He also informed that the department has engaged a software engineer for developing a tracking system for the same. The system is expected to be ready by June this year.

Currently, people can apply online for a driving licence and even fix an appointed for the issuance of licence online. Once, they file an application, a slot is booked.
The tracking system will have feature of checking the application at every stage. It will tell them whether the licence has been finalised or is yet to be done. Is it pending at any stage? The upcoming device will also bring transparency. If the application is pending with an officer from the department, the applicants will be able to check the reason for delay.

It will also curtail unauthorised activities by agents, who sometimes ask money from applicants to ensure early dispatch of driving licence. The officer further added that the tracking system will be ready over a months’ time and then its operational ability will be checked. Once, there are no glitches in the software, it will be open to public.

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