Students create panic by bringing Gun to school, teachers claim it to be toy

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Saurabh Kumar


Once again in a shocking incident, a major security lapse from a Greater Noida school came to light when as per information a student of class 8th was reportedly caught with a pistol in school premises. The alleged incident is of Bharat Ram Global School situated in Greater Noida’s Knowledge park area where allegedly a class 8th student took out the pistol from his bag in the middle of an ongoing class.

Speaking to Ten News on Saturday, some of the parents and students also confirmed the incident. One of the girl students from class 8th confirmed the incident and said that the student was caught with the pistol in the bag. While a boy student from class 7 (name not revealed) said that “The student not only brought a gun but also had broken the window glass by throwing a bullet over it.

Some of the parents also stated that yes they had received such information and they have also raised this question during today’s PTM.

However, despite all the allegations, the school staff and administration have maintained that the gun which was brought in the school by a student was a toy gun.

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