Superstar Rajinikanth announces dual plan to change state politics


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Superstar Rajinikanth announced on Thursday that he is going to form a party in which “the government and the party will work separately”.

He said that the leader of the party will not lead the government, adding that his party’s rule is that whichever leader will be the leader of the party will never be a part of the government.

Referring to the current politics of Tamil Nadu, the superstar claimed that people want change. According to his dual plan, the party will have two sections. One section will look at the party and the other will see the functioning of the government.

Explaining the plan further, he said, “I will be the leader of the party and another person will be the CM candidate. That person will be from the state, who will be well-educated and will have a vision for the state.”

Rajinikanth stated that his party will have limited number of people who will be used properly, adding that he will not run a parallel government.

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