SZA ‘was scared’ to speak with Beyonce at 2024 Grammys

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Los Angeles, Feb 7 (IANS) Singer-songwriter SZA has shared that she was too starstruck to speak to Beyonce at the 2024 Grammys.

The ‘Kill Bill’ singer said: “I was scared to go over to Beyonce. I can’t speak unless she wants to speak, in my brain, because I don’t want to bother her. She looked so peaceful and beautiful,” reports People magazine.

She told E! News: “I just admire her. She’s a masterclass on poise, grace, artistry, beauty and kindness.” Although the ‘Snooze’ songstress didn’t meet the 32-time Grammy winner, 42, she did meet the Houston native’s husband — and the 2024 Dr Dre Global Impact Award recipient, Jay-Z.

“Jay-Z did speak to me,” SZA revealed. “I was so grateful. Those are literally my favourite people, and it’s so crazy that I am seeing them in real life. Jay-Z means the world to me. I’m a Jay-Z stan so bad”, she said, adding that ‘The Blueprint’ rapper is her “all-time favourite.”

As per People, along with meeting one of her favourite rappers, the singer won three awards at the 66th annual Grammy Awards. She won best urban contemporary album for SOS, best pop duo/group performance with Phoebe Bridgers for ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ and best R&B song for ‘Snooze’.

SZA garnered six other nominations, which made her the most-nominated artist at the 2024 Grammys.

When SZA accepted the best R&B song award, she got choked up and revealed to the audience: “I just.. I’m sorry, I’m just really overwhelmed. You don’t really understand.”

She continued: “I came really, really far and I can’t believe this is happening and it feels very fake”. During the awards ceremony, she sang her Grammy-nominated hits ‘Snooze’ and ‘Kill Bill’. She opened the performance with ‘Snooze’ before launching into ‘Kill Bill’.



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