Tanvi Malhara was ‘tearing’ up during intense scenes in ‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’

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Mumbai, March 19 (IANS) Actress Tanvi Malhara, who portrays Pragati Deshmukh, a fierce sub-inspector in the show ‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’, reveals how her character’s resilience mirrors her own life journey.

Talking about the same, Tanvi shared: “When I auditioned for the role, portraying a tough, no-nonsense cop seemed far from my expectations. However, my passion for acting outweighed any doubts.”

Embracing Pragati’s strength meant confronting her own vulnerabilities.

“There were moments when I struggled to embody Pragati’s unwavering resolve. I found myself tearing up during intense scenes. But with perseverance, I stepped into her shoes,” she said.

Reflecting on the parallels, Tanvi underscores the importance of pursuing dreams relentlessly.

The actress further said: “I’ve always aspired to be an actor, despite the obstacles. Similarly, Pragati never shies away from challenges, and that resilience resonates with me.”

Her portrayal of Pragati also serves as a beacon of empowerment for young women.

“I used to rely on others, particularly men, to make decisions for me. But now, I understand the power of making my own choices and facing the consequences head-on. It’s liberating and empowering to take control of your life and chase your dreams without regrets,” she added.

‘Savdhaan India Apni Khaki’ airs on Star Bharat.



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