The beautiful Denis Compton Oval

Denis Compton is an illustrious name in English cricket. Other illustrious names can be found at the website, where punters can wager on all their matches. For this reason, in the 20th century, a cricket ground with his name was opened.

Located in Shenley, England, the Denis Compton Oval is a gorgeous cricket ground that has been used for all kinds of matches. It has no place for crowds, meaning that matches can be played in a more private manner. All events that are played in this place can also be wagered through the webpage of the 1xBet online bookmaker.

Important cricket matches

Being such a small venue with no place for spectators, people might think that this venue is not considered for high-profile matches. However, quite the contrary has happened. In fact, several kinds of important matches of this sport have been held at this place. Before these matches begin, you can check the best online casino games for real money, which are the ones offered by 1xBet.

Some of the contests that have been played at the Denis Compton Oval include:

  • matches of the Hertfordshire County Cricket Club;
  • matches of the Middlesex County Cricket Club;
  • Women’s Test matches;
  • and even Women’s One-Day Internationals.

In a more sporadic manner, even the MCC has used this venue. This means that it has a huge importance within English cricket. The best online casino games provided by 1xBet can be played for real money, and it is a good idea to try them out while waiting for contests played here.

Female cricket events

As said before, several women’s international matches have been played at this ground. For example, the first time that this venue was used for this purpose was in 1993, when Ireland faced New Zealand. The betting app cricket for Android offered by 1xBet can be used to wager on all these kinds of Women’s ODI contests.

Since then, several other Women’s ODI matches have been played here. Many of them have featured the English national side, while in others it has served as a neutral venue for other squads that meet in England.

But the Denis Compton Oval is also capable of receiving Test matches. The first time that this facility was used with that purpose was in July 1999. During that month, the Women’s India national team was touring England, and played against the home team in this venue. The cricket betting app for the Android ecosystem provided by 1xBet can also be used on the most important Women’s cricket matches in all the world.

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