The Best Solo Pastimes for Introverts

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Introverts are people who get easily exhausted by social interaction. This doesn’t mean that introverted people are unfriendly, shy, or anti-social. Introverted people just prefer their own company most of the time. Interacting with other people can be very tiring for introverts.

So what are some of the best pastimes that introverted people can engage in by themselves and not feel bored out of their minds? Here’s a whole list of things!

  1. Reading – This is the most productive/ educative solo pastime, provided that you read something worthwhile. Even if you read cheap, trashy novels, there’s a good chance you will end up learning new words or new things that you were unaware of before. Books always help increase and expand your knowledge.
  2. Cooking – Have you heard the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”? Cooking is not a group activity. But it’s a great solo activity and very productive (since it’s also a chore that you have to do every day). Even better – try cooking up healthy recipes for you and your family!
  3. Dancing – Introverts are, more often than not, also quite conscious about other people’s (perceived) judgment. So they tend to stick to the sidelines and safely off the dance floor during parties. But dancing alone in one’s room can be fun too. That’s when you can shed your inhibitions and really dance like no one’s watching – because no one is!
  4. Mobile gaming – Nowadays, playing games on your mobile phone or tablet is the norm. From video games to puzzle games to real money casino games, you can entertain yourself with any game that takes your fancy and stay engaged solo for hours. It may not be the most productive of pastimes, but it is the most fun and entertaining.
  5. Binge-watching – You can literally spend hours watching content on OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime, or Disney Plus Hotstar. There is no dearth of great OTT content available these days. There is something for everyone – from spooky mysteries and romance to drama and action, whatever you like best, you can immerse yourself in it and spend some quality time with yourself.
  6. Gardening – If you love plants and have a green thumb or want to develop one, you can devote some time to gardening. Surround yourself with the serenity that plants offer. We find that most introverts prefer the company of plants over humans. This solo activity holds a lot of potential and is a very rewarding hobby.
  7. Self-care – Have a spa day all by yourself! Nothing is better for introverted people than spending time relaxing and caring for themselves. How to do that is simple – apply a hair mask, put on a face pack, indulge in a nice warm bath, lots of soothing lotion, and drink some calming chamomile tea. You can easily spend a couple of hours of alone time every week taking care of yourself. Take our word for it – the working week won’t feel as draining as it usually does!
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