The Charisma of Silence

Dr Anuj

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I walked into the Sanctum Sanctorum of a Buddhist monastery many years ago as a child, holding my father’s hands. All I could understand about that mystical place was that there were people with their heads shaved, sitting in a meditation posture. Everything was very peaceful and calm in the ambience…what was very loud was the SILENCE.

The Silence bugged me. I could not stand there for more than ten minutes and silently kept pushing my father to take me out. To me, at that stage of my life, Silence was like a Cancer…I was a very talkative, chirpy kind of ‘happy go lucky boy’, pleasing everyone around with the anecdotes of my jovial persona.

Today I realize and feel the significance of SILENCE, in my life.

It took the toil of more than forty years to understand, ‘Silence’.

Silence, is the syllable of passionate gravity in a person.

Silence, is the verse of poetical empowerment that tingles the life of the soul.

Silence, is the sensuality that brings the floating sperm in the vicinity of craving ova and creates another life.

Silence, is the language of love that only deaf years and live heart beats can hear.

The noise is only in a fraction of the entire human creation of God, the Earth.

The larger and the infinite major part of the creation, the space, is silent.

When the man sleeps after a noisy day and haphazard routine…the healing in the body takes place in the silence of the night in deep slumber.

The soul rejuvenates and the cells meditate in harmony only in Silence.

I am trying hard to learn the language of SILENCE.

I hear and comprehend conversation more intricately when it is spoken in silence.

I live and love to understand the silent expressions of the roving eyes, when in deep love and deeper love making.

More deep I travel in the ravines of the yearning and humid caves of passion, more I get exhilarated by the noise of SILENCE.


I hate noise and I detest noisy and nosy people…louder the person in conversation and communication, much less is the content of intellect and expression. They look like wagging hyenas who howl over the corpses in the wee hours of the dark nights….

Grow up!!!

Let the silent and powerful syllables of SILENCE seep deeply and profoundly into you and make you truly and truthfully conversant to the person in you, that you really are, that you really should be, that you have been bestowed to become….



(Country’s noted hand surgeon and microsurgeon, Dr. Anuj is the recipient of the prestigious P. N. Wahi Gold Medal for Pathology and B. C. Roy Gold Medal for Medicine. Buoyed by the success of his Hindi poetry book entitled ‘Bhavranjini’, Dr Anuj turned over a new leaf by penning his first fiction novel entitled “That Erotic Silence” that is a thought provoking book which presents an emotional voyage of a child from age three till adolescence.)

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