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Both Delhi 1984 and Ahmedabad 2002 were massacres of minority by the majority. In both places the administration did not stop it immediately. It was allowed to continue on the direction of persons of authority. There is a suspicion, a very strong one , that in Delhi the then Prime Minister of India wanted the massacres to continue. His role has never been really and definitively probed into by the numerous investigations, enquiries and commissions that have taken place on the what happened in Delhi in the first week of November in Delhi in 1984. Neither any political face of Delhi belonging to the Ruling Party in Delhi or any official in Delhi Administration was immediately charged with dereliction or complicity after the massacre. Many were suspected. Much later one or two of the poltical faces are facing trial now in 2013. No official is. There are also very good reasons to believe that the Chief Minister of Gujerat wanted the massacre of the Muslims to continue in Ahmedabad in 2002. His role has been inquired into, investigated. A final pronouncement on his role is still awaited. He continues to be under scrutiny. There is no criminal charge against him alleging his complicity .Officers, though . have been indicted and some of them have been held criminally liable for the contiued fatal assaults on minorities by the majority in Ahmedabad in 2002. Some of these officers reported to him.

The cover-up to shield the political persons who allowed the massacres to take place, rather wanted it to happen, took no steps either to prevent it or put an end to it continues till to-day. The daily unseemly “tu tu meh meh”on television is telling the audience my massacre is less heinous than yours. Neither can explain the blot on their face and hence the shrill cacaphony calling the other to concede “my blot looks better.” This will continue till May 16th nd then both will rest their throats to resume when elections take place next.” Phir ullu baneyenge”. Time to tell both National Parties that history will write that the pillage of Delhi in 1984 was reminiscent of what Nadir Shah did to Delhi and what the British did in 1857 and the then Prime Minister of India will be painted with the same colour as them. And history will also record that Mohammed Ghori in Somnath on seven dates and the Chief Minister in Gujerat in Ahmedabad 2002 had much in common. Neither will escape this harsh judgement of Time.

Plague on both parties if they continue to defend their role on two most shameful events of Independent India.

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