Thrilling’ celebration of the Political kind


The Capital was witnessed an impressive celebration of the literary world today. Nelofar Currimbhoy, avid blogger, social & women’s empowerment worker and author of Shahnaz Husain’s biography, hosted a party in favour of her husband, Tabrik C’s newly released political thriller, Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister.
vineThe book published by Hachette India, has found resonance in today’s tumultuous politically charged climate. With the elections just a few weeks away, this book is what everyone seems to be talking about as it seems to be surprisingly predictive of the current scenario.

Jointly celebrating Tabrik’s birthday and success party of the book, the event combined a gala celebration and political chat show. The event was well attended by all facets of society, socialites, politicians and the literary world and a few close friends.

Tabrik C rounded off the evening, with, “The real world is stranger than fiction.

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