Today’s Kumbh is different from that was happened hundreds of years ago, VVSN Rao

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New Delhi: On the day of Makar Sankranti more than 2.5 crore people took the holy dip at Sangam Ghat during Kumbh 2019.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu ji dropped few drops of Amrit (the immortal drink) at four places including Prayagraj where Kumbh Mela is organised.

Among the holy events in Sanatan Dharma, Shahi Isnaan or taking dip at the day of Makar Sankranti is considered one of the extreme practices that can replenish the soul with purity and positivity, the tradition coming down from time immemorial.

On the early Makarsakranti, 14 akharas including Kinnar Akhara marched towards Sangha Ghat to take the holy dip.

The Ghat was divided into two areas one for the religious gurus and another one for general public.

The “Shahi Isnaan” began on early morning joined by Akharas in defined timeline to perform the rituals.

People are aware that, in the ancient times, it was inevitable for the Ascetics and Saints in Akhadas to kill while protecting Dharma.

Since a bath in the Ganga washes away sins, the weapon-wielding Ascetics and Saints in the Akhadas were given preference for the Rajyogi snan (Shahi snan). The tradition continues even today. The Rajyogi snan (Shahi snan) of the weapon-wielding Ascetics and Saints is considered the biggest ritual in the Kumbh Mela. Until the Ascetics have their Rajyogi snan (Shahi snan), the devotees do not bathe.

VVSN Rao –a resident of Noida– wondered how this word “Shahi Snan” has creeped into this holy Tradition and the Sadhus known for renouncing all worldly attachments and pretensions ride on Rath and take Shahi procession just contrary to general impression about Sadhus devoid of any material attachments.

According to Rao, “most astonishing is one Sadhu flouting huge quantity of gold on his body. While the whole world is attracted to see the assembly of various Akharas, the Sadhus are also not disappointing them with their royal procession of Chariots, Elephants, Horses and even Palanquin.

Rao claimed that he is sure that this version of Kumbh was not present a few hundred years ago.

He doubt whether our great spiritual saints like Ramkrishna Paramhans, Maharishi Raman, Swami Vivekananda, or even modern Gurus like Osho, Swami Yoganand, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had ever taken holy dip on the occasion of Kumbh.

When Ten News asked various Sadhus and general public gathered in Kumbh for performing rituals regarding this, most of them filled with anguish while others though that these practices were occuring from ancient times.

Meanwhile asking these questions during a mega event joined by millions of followers have resulted in disrespecting their religious sentiments but still Ten News tried to find the relevant answers.

Here are some responses of the people who replied to this:-

> These are the ancient practices which were performed from thousand of years, no changes has been taken place.

> You can question everything but you should not challenge the practices performed in any religion.

> They are our gurus what they downright now is right.

> This is demonstrated power and love for the religion.

# Ten News and the writer of this news don’t want to hurt the sentiments of any religion, the questions in the story was asked by VVSN Rao #

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