Top Legal Minds Converge at UPES Conference

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Mumbai, 02 July 2024: UPES, a multidisciplinary university recently hosted a conference to discuss the future of legal industry driven by technological advancements and evolving opportunities for lawyers in today’s high-tech world. The conference witnessed participation of leading experts, practitioners, educators, and students to explore the profound impact of technology on the legal profession and how future lawyers can navigate this transformative era.

Themed ‘Adapt or Perish,’ the grand event was organised in a World Café format to encourage collaborative dialogue around important topics. The lively discussions covered six major themes: globalising legal education for a dynamic worldfostering a collaborative ecosystem for innovation in legal educationreconciling the gap between the legal industry and academia in the digital era, addressing ethical issues of using AI in legal education, next-generation lawyers adapting to technology, and reimagining legal education for the digital age.

Addressing the gathering, Senior Advocate Nitin Thakker, President, Bombay Bar Association, said, “Today’s young legal professionals not only use technology but breathe it. Embracing new-age legal tech solutions demands a significant shift in mindset. They must view technology not merely as a tool but as an integral part of their education and practice. The advancement of technology presents an opportunity for lawyers to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and focus on more strategic endeavours. The future of legal education hinges on our ability to adapt to technology and the readiness of law schools to be dynamic with their curricula. I must congratulate and commend UPES for pioneering this initiative.


Dr. Abhishek Sinha, Dean, UPES School of Law, welcomed the distinguished guests and participants. He stated, “In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, it’s imperative for all of us, especially future lawyers, to integrate tools like AI into our workflows. While legal education remains heavily theoretical, the aspiration is to shift towards a more practical approach. Despite the buzz around AI, only 22% of organisations globally have implemented it in their workflows, leaving a vast potential untapped. The legal sector must embrace these innovations to revolutionise our field within the coming years.”

These insightful discussions were followed by a panel moderated by Dr. Abhishek Sinha. The event featured senior leaders from prominent firms such as Khaitan & Co., Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, Dhir & Dhir, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Reliance India Limited, Royzz & Co., Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., ONGC, HSE Group, Deloitte, Tata Consultancy Services, Sony Pictures and others. The event concluded with the launch of the UPES School of Law coffee table book, which highlights the institution’s key milestones and alumni achievements.

As technology continuously advances, the legal industry is experiencing significant changes. Innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation, and digital platforms are revolutionising the delivery and accessibility of legal services. Through the integration of cutting-edge learning technologies, UPES School of Law emphasises outcome-based learning, adaptability, and collaboration, fostering an educational environment that prepares students for tomorrow.

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