Tremendous Footfall On Day 2 of April Fair Delhi 2024

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Greater Noida, April 21, 2024 – The second day of April Fair Delhi 2024 saw an increase in attendance from the opening day, attracting a diverse group of participants, including overseas and domestic volume buyers, and dignitaries such as ambassadors from Arab states, Myanmar, Suriname and other nations.

The E-Commerce Cross-Border Conclave continued to garner strong interest, particularly the session on enhancing market access for businesses eager to expand into cross-border e-commerce. This session drew a substantial audience, reflecting the high level of engagement and interest in e-commerce solutions. The fair has so far drawn more than 1,100 attendees, including international and domestic buyers, buying agents, retailers, and corporate representatives.

Shri Md. Moin Afaque, Deputy Director General for Foreign Trade in the Government of India, highlighted the multiple benefits of e-commerce, including access to a larger international market and improved profit margins through direct-to-consumer sales. He emphasized that global reach not only enhances brand visibility but also raises awareness about international quality standards and latest trends. Afaque also addressed the potential to mitigate domestic market volatility by engaging in e-commerce, proposing the creation of designated E-Commerce Export Hubs (ECEH) to support and facilitate cross-border e-commerce activities.

Shri Dileep Baid, while discussing multi-modal e-commerce strategies, pointed out the urgent need for integrating warehousing solutions. He outlined the challenges facing the e-commerce industry and stressed the importance of adapting entrepreneurs and startups to these new commerce platforms to achieve broader goals.


Shri Mukesh Gupta, Director of India Exposition Mart Ltd., expressed that the e-commerce conclave serves as a crucial bridge between the government, suppliers, buyers, logistics, and financial sectors. He noted that the government’s initiatives have been effectively communicated to the public, and any shortcomings needing government intervention have been openly acknowledged, with promises of forthcoming action.


The conclave also featured multiple insightful sessions including discussions on customer preferences in e-tail versus retail and strategies for succeeding in cross-border e-commerce. In addition to these discussions, there were five other sessions and workshops conducted by various experts.

The second day of the April Fair was filled with attractions and accolades, with awards presented to the Team Mart Promotion for their exemplary effort in organizing this significant fair in just 45 days. Building on the success of the first day, the second day extended the fair’s impact, underscoring its importance as a highlight in the international trade calendar.

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