Twitter Blocks people from viewing Tweets, Profiles unless Signed-in

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New Delhi, 1st July 2023: Twitter will now be preventing users from viewing tweets and profiles on its website unless they are signed in, a move that owner Elon Musk described as “temporary.”

When an unregistered person attempts to view a tweet, the site prompts them to check in or create an account with Twitter. Users may still see tweets that are displayed in Google searches or were integrated on other websites as of Friday.

Musk said in a tweet, that it is a “temporary emergency measure…We were getting data pillaged so much that it was degrading service for normal users!”

Twitter has always relied on the accessibility of its tweets across the web to create interest in the site, such as when users send tweets to friends or contacts who do not have accounts.

Musk has implemented a number of product adjustments since taking over the San Francisco-based company last year. Twitter began charging for access to its application programming interface, or API, in March.

In addition to academic researchers, prominent third-party programmes such as the now-defunct Tweetbot and Twitterificused Twitter’s API. Now customers are being charged $42,000 a month to access only 1% of tweets on Twitter.

Musk temporarily banned likes, replies, and retweets in April if a tweet contained a link to Substack, the newsletter platform. Musk later reversed the adjustment in response to criticism.

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