Uncertainty surrounds fate of Hafiz Saeed’s son after being abducted by masked men

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New Delhi, Sep 30 (IANS) Uncertainty surrounds the fate of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) founder Hafiz Saeed’s son after he was allegedly abducted by the masked men.

Kamaluddin Saeed, son of Hafiz Saeed, is also linked the ISI-supported terrorist organisation.

However, the sources have dismissed the report of Kamaluddin being abducted by masked men, saying he may have been relocated to one of the secure facilities under ISI protection.

Meanwhile, the rumours surrounding Kamaluddin’s whereabouts is instigating disquiet among various jihadi factions, amplified by the recent spate of Lashkar’s member fatalities.

In the aftermath of the recent assassination of Maulana Ziaur Rehman, a prominent cleric and LeT operative, within Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar, reports have surfaced indicating that ISI safe houses have been transformed into shelters for over a dozen terrorists and their sympathizers in Pakistan.

Rehman was fatally shot by unidentified assailants multiple times at close range during an evening stroll in a park.

Reports also suggest heightened security measures for Kamaluddin’s sibling, Talha, who is spearheading operations against India and holds the position of Lashkar’s second-in-command.

His survival of an assassination attempt in Lahore in 2019 has been linked to internal discord within Lashkar.

Talha’s ascent to the position of his father and his control over Lashkar’s finances have purportedly fueled discontent among longstanding members of the organisation, as conveyed by an intelligence officer.

Concerns loom regarding potential reprisals from Hafiz Saeed and the escalating internal strife that threatens to erode Lashkar’s operational capabilities. To mitigate these concerns, the ISI is actively mediating a ceasefire among the feuding factions.

Intelligence sources said that as a contingency measure, they have devised ‘Plan B’ which involves establishment of The Resistance Front in Jammu and Kashmir. This alternative strategy has garnered support from across the border, standing ready for unforeseen developments.

The recent assassination of Ziaur Rahman bears resemblance to the killing of the wanted terrorist and Khalistan Commando Force Chief, Paramjit Singh Panjwar.

Similar to Ziaur Rahman, Paramjit Singh Panjwar met his end when unidentified assailants shot him dead during a morning walk in Lahore in May.

Notably, this marks the third such killing, following the previous deaths of Abu Qasim Kashmiri in Rawalakot and Qari Khurram Shehzad in Nazimabad.



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