UST provides potable water for 7,500 people in two Kerala villages

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Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 16 (IANS) Leading digital transformation solutions company UST — the biggest employer in Kerala, using its corporate social responsibility funds has provided two water treatment plants in water-locked villages at Kuttanad in the Alappuzha district.

The non-availability of potable water had resulted in major health issues cropping among the people of many villages in Kuttanad and it was then that UST stepped in.

The two drinking water treatment plants will now be the source of water for drinking, cooking and other domestic purposes for 1,000 families, comprising around 5,000 people in Mithrakary, and 500 families comprising around 2,500 people in Oorukary.

Prasanth Subramanian, of UST, said the initiative has been conceived and implemented to help the local communities tide over the acute water shortage crisis they have been facing for more than a decade.

“The non-availability of potable water had been a major issue and had also led to health problems among the people for the community. UST is glad due to the concerted efforts by its CSR team,” Subramanian added.

The water treatment plants at the villages included a well, pre-filtration and chlorination tank, iron and unwanted minerals filter, reverse osmosis process, carbon filter, UV filter, supply tank and plant room.



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