VHP condemns Incident of Begusarai Muslim Mob Beating Up Hindu Family, Demands Strict actions against accused!


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New Delhi: (12/06/2019) Even after 72 years of independence, it is unfortunate, that atrocities on Dalits still happening in our country. We need to raise our voice against these atrocities so that the victims can get justice. But, unfortunately, in the recent past, some Muslim and so called Dalit organisations have been conspiring to vitiate the atmosphere, said VHP Joint General Secretary of Vishva Hindu Parishad Dr. Surendra Jain over Incident in Bihar’s Begusarai, where Muslim Mob thrashed Hindu Family To Force Them To Sell Their House.

He further said, “Dalit society, like the rest of Hindus, has always been a target group for the Jihadists, but these organisations have always maintained a silence on the barbaric attacks by the jihadists on the Dalits The stoic silence of these organisations or “army” which derives political mileage by claiming to work for Dalit rights, bolsters the courage of the Jihadists, which is leading to increased more frequent attacks on Dalits.”

“On 10 June, 2019, in the dead of night, at 1 pm, Begusarai’s Nurpur, witnessed three Muslim goons, forcefully entering a Dalit home, and raping Dalit woman, while also making an unsuccessful attempt on her daughter. The criminals, one Laddu Alam, son of Feroze Alam, is still threatening the Dalit family. The police station in charge, Sumit Kumar, is not only threatening the affected family but also the people who have brought to light, this barbaric incident through social media,” he said.

“We request Bihar government to immediately arrest all rapists & guilty police officers and ensure rigorous punishment to them. They should remember that politicos, who overlooked the problems of Dalits and their interests, in order to save their Muslim vote bank, have been blown away from the political landscape. The Daiit society has always been at the receiving end of the Jihadists. Whether it’s their marriage processions or funeral procession, they have always been targets of attacks, if to pass by a mosque. They have been killing Dalits, who are traditionally, cow protectors. We have been coming across deadly attacks on their religious and local festivals,” added jain.

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