Vserve Launches “MerchMetric” a data-driven brand product to revolutionize E-commerce Content

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New Delhi, 21st March 2024 – Vserve, an e-commerce business solutions enterprise serving 200+ companies all over the world with 7+ years of experience is proud to announce its launch of “MerchMetric”, a product to sit on top of any PIM solution and is designed to revolutionize the way companies analyze and optimize their e-commerce product content.

Vserve’s vast experience working with global companies and providing tailored services has inspired the creation of  the latest product, “MerchMetric.” The reason for developing MerchMetric is simple: just list your product on an e-commerce website or marketplace, and run MerchMetric to analyze the product’s content, image, and description which further leads to conversions.

“Your Product listing is the heart of your e-commerce. A product listing that isn’t strong and optimized for SEO won’t help us get good results – no matter how many ads you run,” said Siva Balakrishnan, the Founder, and CEO at Vserve. “With MerchMetric, we’re providing e-commerce teams and agencies with the tools they need to ensure their product content meets industry standards, boosts SEO performance, and ultimately drives conversions. We are profoundly glad to assist e-businesses to enhance their current and future growth in the overall business landscape,” he added.

MerchMetric does a deep dive into your websites or marketplace and runs a quality check keeping your industry as the benchmark. MerchMetric is a game-changer for all e-commerce brands. It also empowers brands and agencies handling extensive e-commerce portfolios with actionable insights derived from comprehensive product data analysis. By harnessing the power of MerchMetric, businesses can elevate their e-commerce game, increase conversions, and reduce returns, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and improved brand image. MerchMertic consists of

MerchMetric Dashboard: Gain quick insights into product performance across various content sections with the intuitive MerchMetric dashboard. The MerchMetric score, rated out of 5, offers a clear understanding of how your product content stacks up against industry standards.

SKU Analysis: Dive deep into the specifics of your product listings, including titles, descriptions, attributes, and images, with MerchMetric’s SKU analysis feature. Seamlessly evaluate and optimize your product content for enhanced SEO performance and increased conversions.

Key Benefits of MerchMetric:

Content Quality Check: Ensures your e-commerce product content meets industry standards with comprehensive quality checks, fostering trust and credibility among your customer base.

Enhanced SEO Performance: Drives organic traffic and improves visibility on search engine results pages by optimizing your product content for SEO with MerchMetric’s actionable insights.

Increased Conversions: Boosts e-commerce conversion rates by delivering compelling and accurate product information, guiding customers seamlessly through the purchasing journey.

Happier Customers: Elevates the shopping experience for your customers with enriched product content, leading to higher satisfaction levels and repeat purchases.

Decreased Returns: Minimizes returns and mitigates potential issues by providing detailed and accurate product information, ensuring customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Improved Brand Image: Establishes a strong and consistent brand image with optimized product pages, reinforcing trust and loyalty among your customer base.

MerchMetric is tailored for companies with significant e-commerce operations and agencies managing multiple e-commerce brands, offering unparalleled insights and optimization capabilities to drive success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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