We failed to have a #parliament that can hold its session without ugly disruptions

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Last year on this day I was one of the happiest and most hopeful Indians and felt we have a lot to celebrate .This year I must admit I do not have the same enthusiasm and hope.I  am disappointed that we failed to have a parliament that can hold its session without ugly disruptions and with out the worst form of party politics.We could not do anything against our corrupt politicians.We don’t have even a  single police station in Independent India where a  citizen can go without  hesitation and talk to the  man in khaki without fear.We don’t have courts where we have the confidence that the judge will give justice in time.Hope of the poor is eroding in each coming year of Independence as no one is really there for them  among our politicians .Still we should hope since we are independent and can  vote ourselves for a change.I don’t want to remember the long and torturous centuries of slavery.Wish you  happy Independence Day.Really a very very special day for every Indian.


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