What you need for the best sleepover party with friends

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Are you too stressed lately and want to take a break from everything? You got no idea what to do? What about trying to organize a sleepover party with your friends? You can make a lot of fun activities and strengthen your friendship in one night. To do that, you have to buy a few things, think about a movie, an accessible board game and make a lot of pictures. Read the following article for some inspiration!  


Everyone enjoys a good movie! Whenever you decide to throw out a sleepover party with your best friends, you have to pick up a movie based on everyone’s preferences. It could be an action, adventure, comedy, SF or even a horror one. To help you out, we got some recommendations!

  • Ocean 11. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Ocean 11 is a crime and thriller movie that stars huge Hollywood actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. The subject of this movie is super interesting, the main character, Danny Ocean, got to rob 3 casinos with his team. Watch the movie to find out if he managed to do it or not
  • Jumanji. Who didn’t hear about this all-time favourite movie? Inspired by a board game, the movie sends it’s main characters to the video game Jumanji in which they have to complete missions to survive and get out of it, to the real world. The movie stars Robin Williams, Kristen Dunst and Bonnie Hunt. You can also watch Jumanji: Jungle Adventure, the modern version of the classic movie with The Rock
  • Enola Holmes. A movie that stays in the top 10 classmates at Netflix is Enola Holmes. The sister of Sherlock Holmes is preparing to find her missing mother. She runs from her house and starts her new detective adventure, looking up to her brother, Sherlock. The cast is amazing! Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin are starring in this action, adventure and crime movie. 
  • John Wick 3: Chapter 3: Parabellum. Who didn’t like Keanu Reeves? In the last chapter, Parabellum, Mr Wick has to run for his life and save himself from the international assassin guild. The movie is thrilling and full of action. Chad Stahelski directed it and managed to create a jewel! 

Party Snacks

Do you know what works great with some snacks? Some entertainment! Besides playing a classic game, take the best casino offers and gamble on your favourite games on a legal website. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough and win BIG. When you purchase snacks, you can try something different from other cultures. Here are some affordable snacks examples that will save your sleepover.

  • Popcorn 
  • Chips
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Mini Chocolates
  • Mochi
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Candys

Oh, and…don’t forget the drinks! Buy some sodas or even alcoholic drinks, prepare cocktails and greet your friends with them.

Matching pyjamas

You can organize a thematic sleepover party. Tell your friends to come with the same pyjamas as you or with something similar. A matching set like that is super cheap and comfy AF! For example, you can wear PJ’s inspired by your favourite TV shows characters, animals or animes like:

Another trend of PJ’s is called Kigurumi. They are imitating certain animals like crocodiles, dinosaurs, unicorns, lions, lizards, etc. They are a one-piece set super fluffy and fun. You can throw a party with these “costumes”. Trust us, it will be fun!

Society Games

There is no party with society games. You can play strategy games like Catan, Poker or even Uno. Also, if you want to try out a game that lasts longer, centre your attention towards Monopoly or similar variations of it. Another fun game to play along with your friends is Activity. You have to draw or mime several actions and your enemies need to guess them.

If you want to spice things a little bit, try out Cards against humanity or play Truth or Dare. Some online games can be played for free, so you won’t have to spend money on them. And yes, they are multiplayer! Another suggestion is to play society games directly on your PS, Xbox or Nintendo. 

Instant Camera

It’s super fun to own an instant camera. The pictures are so tiny and cute, you’ll die for it! It is quite affordable and super fun. Your friends will be more than pleased to take a lot of pictures with it. The camera itself got an ergonomic and compact shape and makes great selfies. The pictures can turn out to be luminous even if it is night and very clear. And…maybe this is the flash effect.

As an alternative to the instant camera, you can always use a smartphone to capture the fun! Use some nice filters or record funny videos and share them with your friends. Pretty simple, isn’t it?!


As you saw in this article, it is super easy to organize a perfect sleepover night. Think about a budget you want to spend on it and invite only your best friends. Play video games, or gamble online taking casino offers or…..watch the most popular movies on earth! Have fun!

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