When Anuj Sachdeva focused on feminine moves for Kapali’s role in ‘Dhruv Tara’

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Mumbai, March 13 (IANS) Actor Anuj Sachdeva has opened up on playing two contrasting characters in the show ‘Dhruv Tara-Samay Sadi Se Pare’, sharing the ‘biggest challenge’ he faced while getting into the role of ‘Kapali’.

Anuj has entered the show as Maan Singh, the prince of Devgarh, a negative character. Recently, the makers introduced a new character, Kapali, adding an intriguing twist to the show.

And Kapali turned out to be Maan Singh in disguise, aiming to kill his brother Suryapratap (Karan V. Grover) and claim the throne of Devgarh.

On preparing for the role and the challenges he faced, Anuj shared: “The biggest challenge I faced was getting into the look of Kapali, which required a minimum of two hours. Kapali’s appearance and makeup are unique, and I had to focus on adapting a walk that had a slightly more feminine touch.”

“Since I didn’t have much time to prepare for Kapali, and I was already using my natural voice for Maan Singh’s role, I needed to ensure a noticeable difference in Kapali’s voice. I opted for a high-pitched tone, something that resonates and lingers in your ears, which required some adjustment,” he said.

Speaking about the transformation into Kapali, he said: “The process is quite lengthy. I’m not familiar with wearing a saree, so the team assists me. I have to shave every day for this role. Then comes the extensive make-up session, followed by the jewellery. Putting on the wig is another challenge; it becomes uncomfortable after a while.

“Despite the tedious process, the character’s vibrant appearance on camera brings me a lot of satisfaction. I must commend all the women who wear sarees and manage such elaborate looks daily; it’s not easy.”

Speaking about the contrast between the two roles and transitioning between them, he added: “There’s a significant difference between the two characters. In television, we have a limited timeframe to perform, so on days when I have to switch between Maan Singh and Kapali, or vice versa, it becomes challenging as an actor to adjust the mannerisms, walk, voice, and appearance.”

‘Dhruv Tara’ airs on Sony SAB.



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