Why Modi government is not functioning properly?

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Why Modi government  is not functioning properly? The Chairman  of the Censor board  has resigned  with allegations  of coercing and influencing the board ‘s decision against  the government .The term of the board had already expired and the Chairman and the members have  been surviving  on extensions.The Chairman  cleverly used the present opportunity  and caused  an avoidable  harassment  for the government. The government  could not discover  two suitable  persons to be appointed  as governors of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in the  last 7 months. Air India,a sick  company  is being run without  a full term CMD since the  IAS officer appointed  by the UPA government  has successfully been lobbying for  his extensions. These are the examples showing that  there is no sense  of urgency and discipline in the government  and the  beaurocracy  is coming back to its old practices, either  because of  the  inefficiency of the ministers or connivance. They say that Modiji is running the government  as CEO,but it doesn’t  seem so in the  miniseries  of Home  Affairs, Information  and Broadcasting  and Civil Aviation. I wonder what these ministers  or their secretaries  may be doing in their much published sittings of 14 hours  if they failed to decide on such important  issues.

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