YAKJAH Reconciliation and Development Network condemns attack on Amarnath pilgrims

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Yakjah Reconciliation and Development Network, a youth-led social innovation group, held a meeting held in Jammu to condemn the terrorist attack on Amarnath Yatra pilgrims.

Expressing concern over growing extremism, polarization between different faith communities of Hindus and Muslims and radicalization of youth, the group brought forth that there was an urgent need to rise above the politics to work for the larger good of all in the country.

“Condemnation on violence cannot be selective. There has to be zero tolerance for all forms and nature of violence. Most importantly not only acts of terror and violence have to be condemned but the ideology and mindset that propels and justifies such acts have to be rejected by one and all,” reads a press statement.

The group also called for all political parties, media and civil society to shun agendas driven by parochial personal interests. “The group specifically called out to the youth for shunning negativity, violence and hate. They emphasized that the need of the hour was to work together towards the principle idea of universal human values of compassion, oneness, dignity and humanity for all beings,” the statement further reads.

“The group unilaterally felt that young people need to be cautious of the language they use on social forums and appealed to them to be alert to the nefarious agendas and designs of vested interest in spreading hate and violence through social media. Videos and images that are circulated through Facebook and Whatsapp groups need to be verified for their authenticity before being forwarded.”

The group while expressing grief over the loss of life in continuing violence in Kashmir and elsewhere in the state called for inter-community and inter-regional dialogue between all groups in the state.

The meeting was facilitated by Ashima Kaul, Director Yakjah. Youth from all three regions of Jammu and Kashmir participated in the meeting.


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