The Ziel House-The new phenomenon in town: By Bipin Sharma

It’s just been 20 odd days since the new party destination named ‘The Ziel House’ threw open its doors for the party goers..and as good fortune would have it…in a short time span, the new club house cum café lounge has not only managed to allure impressive number of footfalls, but has also become the talking point among the party loving city crowd…well that’s precisely why the place is being referred to as the ‘The new phenomenon in town’ which is Full on zeal


Far away from the madding world in the charming Hauz Khaz village, the new joint named “The Ziel House” is all set to take the clubbing and partying experience to an altogether different echelon. Spanning over three floors and an area space totaling 15,000 sq ft carpet area, The Ziel House showcases a resplendently different theme on each of its three different floors. While the club Lounge bar on the fourth floor depicts the uber metropolitan look, the café lounge with a fine dining restaurant and the sheesha and hookah section on the third floor is a blend of the Thai and the Arabic theme.

In stark contrast to the third and the fourth floor, the terrace which is fast nearing completion will portray a contemporary Goan theme replete with shacks, lot of greenery, and a breathtaking view of the serene surroundings and the verdant greens. The seafood menu will combine fresh seafoods blended with exotic ingredients.

The fourth floor with a good accommodating capacity comprises the main bar, a VIP section and the Premier Lounge with enticing interiors. The Premier Lounge section is adjacent to the DJ console, and overlooking the Dance Floor and the Bar.

The fact that the new destination offers myriad options to its esteemed customers is what sets it apart from others. With multiple venues in the same building premises, party goers will not only be spoilt and pampered with more choices, but will have more mobility and access once they foray into the premises of The Ziel House which incidentally has one of the largest area space in its category. With abundant space to their discretion, it is bound to have a positive impact on the time duration that guests spend in the place.

On the expected lines, the lounge bar with the big dance floor is invariably becoming the cynosure of everyone’s attention as this is where the real action happens with renowned DJs belting hit numbers.

To streamline it better, a 3 month long calendar of events is being planned. Special Ladies Night will be organized on every Thursday’s and Sunday’s, with the commercial and the International Dance Music going full throttle. Besides, there are plenty of exciting offers up for grabs such as unlimited drinks and food, happy hours with attractive discounts, or “buy one get one free” scheme. Karaoke is being introducing shortly to enable amateur singers to sing along with the recorded music using a microphone and public address system.

With every floor of The Ziel House having a unique USP attached to it, owners believe that guests will be enticed to experiment the different options that The Ziel House offers on its 3 different floors,

The Ziel House staff is not fastidious about guests hopping from one floor to another. On the contrary, they welcome the ‘hopping’ as it enables them to showcase their entire place.

The beauty of the place being that while it showcases a distinct ambience, cuisine and era on each of its 3 floors, the venue wears a regal integrated look when hosting one big party spanning 3 floors for a large gathering of guests.

Unlike some party venues that are claustrophobic, due diligence has gone into ensuring sufficient spacing for easy mobility which results in refreshing guests when they foray into the premises of the club house.

The concept of lounge bars and café’s on the terrace has since time immemorial played a pivotal role in contributing to the popularity and success of joints, and ‘The Ziel House’ certainly is no exception. The upcoming lounge bar on its terrace will have a distinctive design pattern and ambience.

The club house has a separate lounge section with designer comfy sofas, restaurant area, DJ Dance Floor. Added to this, sufficient spacing has been provided near the bar area to help guests chill in the open area. A large area on the lounge bar facing towards the parking zone and the forests has been carved as a ‘smoking zone’ for smokers.

In addition to the ambience and the location, the place is expected to gain popularity because of its Lebanese cuisines, and an opulent array of kebabs and cocktails. The choice of wines, cocktails and Hors D’ Oeuvres offered here is different. The Lebanese Platter, Chicken Shawarma, Shish Taouk, and Grilled Sole are some of the specialty cuisines for the foodies that the place boasts of. Then there are Pastas, Pizzas, Risottos to choose from in addition to Fish Tikka Nizami, Tandoori Murg, Murg Naabi Tikka, Chicken Malai Tikka and Kadhai Paneer, Paneer Tikka, Veg Seekh Kabab, Paneer Kadhai, Dal Makhni. There is a cool variety of mocktails, desserts and shakes. The place has loads to offer in the form of contrasting flavors from the Thai, Continental, Mexican, Italian and Chinese cuisine styles. The mouth-watering tastes synergized with the aromas and colour add to the epicurean’s bliss.

Hauz Khaz

At The Ziel House, you get to savour the Veg Traditional Appetizers like Veg Manchurian, Singaporean Cauliflower, Honey Chilli Potatoes, Chilli Paneer, Veg Spring Rolls besides the Non Veg Appetizers such as Chilly Chicken Dry, Chicken Manchurian Dry. For the Main Course, there is Chilly Paneer Gravy, Veg Manchurian Gravy, Baby Corn, Broccoli in Chilly Butter Sauce, Chilly Chicken Gravy, Shredded Chicken, and Thai Red Curry. Then there is Veg Fried Rice, Chilli Garlic Rice Veg, Mixed Fried Rice and the Hakka noodles.

It would be apt to simply define this new joint as a ‘cultural melting pot’ as a wide motley of cuisines such as the Indian, Continental, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, and the all time favourite Chinese cuisine are all available under one roof.

Besides the corporate, and the college crowd, The Ziel House is a perfect party destination for those planning to host a birthday party, an alumni meet, anniversary celebration, or simply any other revelry for celebrating life’s everlasting moments. As a matter of fact, there are myriad reasons for spending a glorious noon, or an evening at The Ziel House starting from hosting business and official meets to employers dining wining with their employees, launching new products, organizing fashion previews, and raising a toast to celebrate professional accomplishments.

Remarks management guru and former NIFT Head (Academics) Dr DK Batra, “Going by the ambience and the zeal of its owners, “The Ziel House” in Hauz Khaz village will go a long way in redefining the clubbing culture of the city party goers. Would stick my neck out to say that one amazing destination like this in a hub like Hauz Khaz village can do wonders to lift the tempo and the fortunes of an entire place. The fact that the new party destination spans three floors including a ‘mesmerizing terrace floor’ is what indubitably sets it apart from others… There would never be a dull moment at Ziel House, and guests can expect the place to be rocking even on the not so happening days. It would be interesting to see if this new property would help revive the golden era of the 90’s when Hauz Khaz village was at its peak.”

Corporate lawyer Sakshi Khattar adds, “What really sets the place different from the rest is its splendid location, vast area space, affable hospitality, mesmerizing ambience, and an enticing range of scrumptious multi cuisine spreads comprising the best of Italian, Indian, Chinese, Continental, Lebanese and Mexican culinary. With an excellent blend of innovative cuisine, picturesque backdrop, and great music, Ziel House will indubitably redefine the concept of clubbing. While 200 plus people can comfortably party here, there is arrangement for seating a good 44 odd guests, thus making ‘Ziel House’ one of the most sought after party destinations for large groups. The aesthetic interiors coupled with the lush green belt in the backdrop take the dining, lounge experience to an altogether different level.”


Ace Interior designer of the city, Rahul Chandola adds, “Gone are the days when foodies and guests desired only good food and drinks. With passage of time and growing stress levels, people seek full worth of their hard earned money and time, which is why a place like ‘The Ziel House’ would be an instant choice where party goers get to combine their dining wining experience with unforgettable fun frolic moments. In short, a great place to escape the hullabaloo of everyday.”

Resort specialist and environmentalist Ar. Anurag Khandelwal says, “It’s solely the discretion of the guests to choose their place of dining and partying for the evening. Since the hospitality business thrives on repeat business, the restaurant has been successful in ensuring a substantial percentage of repeat clients in the last few days of its opening. The tranquil surroundings and the availability of abundant parking space will play a vital role in achieving brisk business for this new joint. I can vouch that the food is lip smacking and nutritious, one that caters to the taste buds. The warm and personalized service is impeccable!! Everything that has gone into designing this place has been done with passion and innovation. As far as interiors are concerned, the club house is an impressive blend of trendy and raw rustic interiors, which add up in making the mood casual and warm. Since ambience in a club house or lounge bar plays a key role in determining the number of footfalls, lot of efforts have been invested in doing up the place. The Ziel House seems set to add another feather in the cap for the city that loves dining wining, and partying till the wee hours. Destinations like these can do wonders for promoting nightlife culture in the city!!”

Corporate Entrepreneur Meenakshi Anand opines, “Due to the lavish range of food and beverages coupled with the soul soothing ambience, Ziel House is bound to attract lot of repeat business. The vibrant atmosphere synergized with the contemporary set up make it an ideal hub for partying with your friends, family and peers. The rich industry experience of Ashish Trehan and his staff is clearly evident from their stupendous hospitality. The service is extremely impeccable and personalized, and ditto holds true for the food which caters to the taste buds.”

That Ziel House is already a hit and has managed to strike an instant chord with the party goers can be gauged from the footfalls to the venue in the last 20-25 days of its opening. The owners are overwhelmed as this has been achieved sans any advertisement, or a proper launch. Incredible that in an era of social media and digital marketing, it’s plain ‘word of mouth’ which is doing wonders for a place. Events so far hosted at Ziel House have all been eclectic, with party revelers giving a big ‘thumbs up’ to the new place. Besides absolute privacy, there is also the dance floor with DJ console that ensures a rollicking time for those desiring to let their hair down with their friends and loved ones. The rocking DJ, the foot-tapping music, and the contemporary sound system guarantee a glorious evening.

Well it’s not difficult to imagine the response that the place will evoke once it starts promoting itself through the social media and other modern day advertisement channels.                                      Says Arjun Bhardwaj, Director The Ziel House, “The strength of our place is not just its regal ambience, comfy lounges, scrumptious food or vast concoction of cocktails, but more significantly the ‘feel safe factor’ which gives the much needed sense of security to young ladies, families and other guests. After screening the habitual mischief mongers at the entry point, our security staff blocks their entry to avert any unruly situation. It’s the quality and not the quantity that matters to us. We have a stringent ‘closed door policy’ for a rowdy mob which is just hell bent about creating ruckus. Setting up an opulent club house in a place like Hauz Khaz village was a challenging affair. We had to brainstorm on copious of factors to ensure that the Club House we launch, caters to party goers across diverse spectrums. The Ziel House can host parties and gatherings of 15 to 250 persons quite comfortably, with different price options. Our endeavour is to ensure a memorable clubbing time for all our revered guests. As most people believe in the ‘work hard, partying even more hard’ culture, we have designed an inimitable set up where the workaholics can unwind in a flamboyant and rejuvenating ambience after a hectic day at work. Youngsters need no special reason or occasion to let their hair down, as every day of the year could be party time depending upon their mood, time availability and financial position. It’s an all out leisure outing as guests gets to savour splendid food with heady cocktails and prolific mocktails in the backdrop of wide screens and multiple plasmas broadcasting live sports coverage. The Ziel House is a result of all my close observations of Delhi’s party scene. While the day time crowd at The Ziel House usually comprises the college students, the evenings comprise more of the corporate gentry, friends and couples. Besides the local crowd and the corporate sector, we are getting good response from tourists.”

“We will regularly organize happening events at our place to keep the Club House abuzz 365 days a year. We are keen to host film promotional events too at our place. Guests can expect highly pulsating events with the best DJs of town and their hip hopping music coupled with lip smacking cuisines exclusively prepared by our MasterChef Rakesh Thakur. Keeping in mind the penchants of the music lovers and party revelers, our resident and visiting DJs will offer all genres of music namely hard rock, metal, fusion and the soul stirring sufi music. The music will vary from electronic to house, mainstream and commercial Bollywood Nights, and from popular Hip Hop Nights to Salsa and Bachata. It’s overwhelming to hear The Ziel House being touted as the ‘Next big party destination in town’, or ‘The new phenomenon in town’. We have a conviction that our customers will not only pledge their future loyalty to us, but will also render a great service by referring our place to their closed ones, and to all the food connoisseurs. A dedicated team is readily accessible to help clients conceptualize and customize their events according to their themes and specifications.  The Ziel House’s brand of entertainment will expand to other cities too, starting with more clubs in NCR. With time passage, we will continue to re-invent ourselves in order to offer a more attractive package to our clientele”, informs Ashish Trehan, Director Ziel House.

The launch of the place is expected to be a grand rollicking affair, one that will be graced by the glitterati and the crème da la crème ranging from regular Page 3s to eminent industrialists, corporate honchos, iconic personalities and fashion models.

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