Darkness Engulfs Greater Noida Every-night As Most Street Lights Don’t Work

Ashish Kedia



Once envisioned as one of India’s most ultra modern and well-planned city, Greater Noida, today is dealing with absence of basic civic amenities.

For to keep Greater Noida as a low population density city, the city was divided in to big sectors with lot of green area in from of green belts and parks.

However now due to poor maintenance this boon has turned into curse. Many of different sector residents of Greater Noida now have to walk, live and drive in darkness every night as large number of street lights remain non-functional.

Most Sectors Plunged in Dark:

When Ten News Team visited few sectors of Greater Noida, the darkness of streets, service lanes remained a common factor in most areas.

In Alpha-1, the 18 Feet road just before C-Market in A block was completely engulfed in darkness. A lot of families as well as girl students stay in these lanes and are forced to walk and move in complete darkness every evening.

In this picture one can see a main Lane of Alpha-1 sector. The time of clicking this picture is around 7 PM.

Similar is situation of Service Lane that leads to Alpha-2 in front of City Park. Not a single street light was seen functional on this large stretch.

In Delta-1 the situation is more horrific. Large part of the sector remains dark every-night. In addition to this, even the service lanes across roads that lead to New Greater Noida Authority office, remain engulfed in complete darkness every evening.

Another lane of Greater Noida sector engulfed in complete darkness because of absence of Street Lights.

In our short drive through few prominent sectors of Greater Noida, only Alpha-2nd was a sector that was found decently lit on inside, excluding some service lanes leading to it.

Heaven For Anti-Social Elements:

This laxity of concerned authorities work as a boon for anti-social elements. People can be easily seen indulging in public drinking at different such dark spots of the city. The dark streets of Greater Noida sectors also encourages snatches and thieves who chose such stretches to snatch cell phones, gold chains and wallets.

The residents of Greater Noida are very distressed and disappointed with concerned authorities who fail to check or rectify this major issue.

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